Here you will find all moving work and realizations on diverse software such as Nuke, Premiere pro, Photoshop and 3dsmax.


Demoreel 2017 : This video is the result of 3 months intensive program on NUKE at NAD school of design and digital arts.

Rotopaint: with the permission of Vision Globale.
A sample of my work as a depth map/roto artist when I was working on the ‘PeeWee’ 3D project.


TV Watching Head: Independent animation, Photoshop, 2016

What World is Left : This is an animatic I have done for the Web Platform: Spreading The Word, in collaboration with the Montreal Blue Metropolis Book Festival

The book excerpt is: What World Is Left, by Monique Polak
The video editing is made by Stephen Portman (

Jaymie Toodee: Independent short webseries of 2 episodes 2D BS News. Responsible for the animation layout, design and art. Done in Photoshop and After Effects.

Animatic for NAD: Small Animatic I did for a short 3D animation project done during my video game studies in 2010
Drawn by hand, edited and mixed with Photoshop and Premiere.


3D DEMO: Demo I did for my graduation in video game studies at centre NAD 2010. 3DSMAX, and Premiere Pro.